Our Services

We walk you through the process of selling your business from finding the perfect buyer to closing escrow.

Valuation– We will provide you with a free comprehensive market valuation of your business using various methods including but not limited to your past, current and future projected financial position, business sector, client mix, operations profile and asset mix. Using a combination of these factors we produce a business valuation using industry standards and market comparisons.

Marketing– We will discuss in detail the various stages of selling a business and demonstrate our marketing strategy for achieving an optimum response from buyers. Our marketing budget sets us apart from other Business Brokers. We have premier memberships to every prominent business for sale website. In addition to our extraordinary web presence, we often proactively market our listings to strategic industry buyers while maintaining confidentiality as our highest priority.

Identifying the Right Buyer– Each potential buyer is carefully screened for financial capability and industry experience through a series of interviews. If the potential buyer fulfills the requirements they are required to complete a legally binding Non Disclosure Agreement prior to receiving any confidential details about your business.

Negotiation, Coordination and Close– We facilitate all phases of the negotiations. We provide all of the paperwork needed to complete a transaction and remain hands on throughout the entire process.